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Helping families navigate the NICU Journey, one miracle at a time.

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Planning to attend one of Today is a Good Day’s annual events?  Consider offering your support for an hour or two before or during the event to help keep it moving!  Volunteer opportunities include assisting with registration, merchandise sales, set-up and break down.


We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities at our office, including packing our signature care packages, or stuffing mailers. We understand that everyone's schedule is different, so we offer flexible volunteering options. You can create your own schedule, coming in to lend a hand whenever you have some free.


Bonding squares are intended to help NICU families to bond with their babies through smell—one of the most developed senses in premature infants. One bonding square can be worn against the parent’s skin, and one can be left with the baby in the isolette. Each day, the squares can be swapped so that the baby has the parent’s scent and the parent has the baby’s scent.


When the Sharkey Family spent 103 days in the NICU, they received handmade signs from students at a local elementary school with their daughters’ names and encouraging messages. These signs were placed by Claire and Mary’s isolettes and later became the backgrounds for their special memory boxes. Help other families by making signs for NICU babies.


We always say “it takes a village”

There's so much kindness you can share with Today is a Good Day! Help shape our mission by joining a committee, lend a hand prepping and sending care packages, or make a splash at our events. Your unique skills are a gift, whether you support families navigating the NICU, share your own story, or craft tiny treasures for babies. Every act, big or small, brings strength and light to families facing the unimaginable. Come find your way to make Today a Good Day for someone else.

Wide-reaching opportunities for families.

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I would like information on the monthly NICU Dads Group. Dads have a unique experience supporting their family through the NICU journey and beyond. We’ve created space for Dad's navigating the ups and downs of nurturing a NICU Miracle!
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